Japanese chat room: An excellent way to make new Japanese friends

Japanese Chat Room 11 December 2013 | 0 Comments

Well, I was always fond of making new friends and this time I wanted to have a friend from other country. So I thought to have a cute Japanese friend. Finally through Japanese chat room I found a new and fun loving friend. Initially, we started chatting in English as I did not know Japanese language, but I am thankful to Asako, she thought me the Japanese language very well. I was exposed to the Japanese culture, about the countries cuisines and more. Every day we both used to chat for long hours.

Great way to learn Japanese language

Yes, I must say that the Japanese chat room is the pathway for learning Japanese language. I used to chat with Asako in English and she was replying me in Japanese, this made me understand the language quickly. For instance, I wrote good morning and she replied Hijo ni yoi asa that means very good morning. In this way, I was capable of learning the Japanese language. Our chat used to start from ohayo (good morning) and end with lma no sayonara (bye for now).

Amazing experience

I really had an amazing and funny experience when learning the Japanese language. I found that the Japanese chat rooms are a great way to know the Japanese culture and more. I found that Japanese girls are submissive and patient. I really had a good experience by chatting with my new Japanese friend Asako. Now, I am looking for having a new friend from another new country to explore the culture and also to learn the language of that country. I must say that these chat rooms are an excellent way to share our feelings, and this also helps us to know about the new culture and new country. Kansha (thanks) to Japanese chat room for being a wonderful platform for making Japanese friends.

Meeting my ideal person in a Japanese chat room

Japanese Chat Room 11 November 2013 | 0 Comments

Let us say I was absolutely saturated with all the men in my life. For some, we females are nothing less than sources for fulfilling the sex drive while others just want a girl to cuddle them. But coming across a genuine guy and that too, in a chat room is something which I never expected. These are usually the places where people join in order to interact with absolute strangers just for fun.

How I found the right guy for myself

This one time, I was with a friend of mine who had come for a sleepover. Since we were sorority girls who lived in the same hostel block, we used to be regulars at chat rooms where we threw conversation starters at almost anyone. I had uploaded my own display pic was the best pic of mine according to me. Thus, two years back on that night, me and my friend were gossiping and then join this Japanese chat room where we found a guy who had a very cute display picture. So I was the one to initiate the conversation and we both got to know a lot about each other.

Switching from texts to video chat

After a while, we decided to switch from text to video chat. There are men who are always on the lookout for Japanese webcam girls who can expose for them. I have always maintained my distance from such perverts but this guy was really striking a positive chord with me. Thus, I asked him to come on video chat and after talking to him for an hour or maybe two, we decide to meet and spend time together.

Our first date

Most men prefer to have their first dates at some plush restaurant or maybe a movie. But I wanted to know this guy as much as he wanted to know me. So, even if he seemed wealthy, yet he asked me to join him for morning walks as we came to know that we were living a few blocks away from each other. So we started going for morning walks and it was always fun since he was a hilarious person who knew how to make a person smile. In a way, he had a way with words which I found immensely appealing. And thus, we started dating and now, it has been almost two years and we are still going strong. God bless us!

How I got rid of a pervert in a Japanese chat room

Japanese Chat Room 12 July 2013 | 0 Comments

For all those perverts who are always on the lookout for open-minded women who don’t mind getting under the sheets with them, I leave no stones unturned to kick their asses hard. I and my friend are regulars at Japanese chat room and we love to mess with guys who keep one hand on the keyboard and the other one inside their pants. In a way, it’s crazy fun as we love to make a mockery of them by dragging them into various erotic conversations and then telling them at the end of the conversation that we are males too.

How they react to it?

Some of them burst out into a laughing riot while there are others who are immensely embarrassed. However, there are some who start hurling abuses and that is the time when we girls give that bastard a piece of our minds. It has happened many times that the guys have tried to justify themselves but the best thing to do with them is to invite them on video chat but only from their sides. Thus, this allows us to see that guy but on the contrary, he is not able to see us. So, we make him strip and dance and he happily obliges thinking that he might get a chance to see us naked.

So what do we do after that?

Once the whole performance is over, we finally reveal to that pervert that we are males and that we have downloaded the embarrassing video of his. But before doing that, we always ask the email address of that person so that we can look them up on Facebook and send the video to his friends. This is perhaps one of the best ways to get rid of all the perfect men who search Japanese webcam girls on the internet. These chat rooms are not only for erotic talks as there is so much more that two people can learn from each other rather than senselessly stroking their cocks and fulfilling their sex drives.

So what should you do?

Let us presume that it is a lazy afternoon and you are at home with a friend of yours. And as cool as it sounds, both of you are in the mood to do something sinister. I believe I do not have to tell you the next part since you already know what you would love to do after reading this article of mine.

Chat rooms are always the best ways to kill time

Japanese Chat Room 1 June 2013 | 0 Comments

It is a lazy Sunday afternoon and I feel like the most jobless person on the mother earth. I have umpteen packets of nachos around me and my laptop is fired up right in front of me. Probably, the best way to kill time according to me on a dreary Sunday afternoon is to watch a movie or end up chatting with a complete stranger in a random chat room. It is amazing how you come across so many people from different cultures and ethnicities inside chat rooms and this is something which totally pulls me to them. Thus, as strange as it sounds, I always tend to reserve an hour or two of my weekends for chat rooms as it’s always a pleasure to know people from different countries. There is something to be learnt from everyone.

This weekend, Japanese chat room!

The most boring thing is to interact with someone from your own country; at least for me. I always visit chat rooms of other countries and this one weekend, I decided to gatecrash into a Japanese chat room. I always perceived an impression of Japanese girls as way too childish and immature which is why, out of curiosity; I decided to strike up a conversation with them. As a matter of fact, it was an interesting conversation and I loved every second of it.

Why was I soo impressed?

The girl whom I was conversing with was a really intelligent and smart one who had knowledge and interests which I could easily relate to. Both of us are into music and that too, heavy metal. You do not come across girls who are fanatics when it comes to listening to heavy metal and definitely not Japanese girls. I am not biasing anyone here but it is just a stereotype which I have noticed quite well.

The video chatting part

After conversing with this girl for almost an hour, we felt we already knew a lot about each other. So she asked me to send her a request on Facebook which I did almost immediately. After that, we ended up talking more and so many more topics were brainstormed. And this is how I ended up spending almost half of a Sunday with a girl whom I hardly knew but over the course of our conversation, got to know quite well through asian webcams chat.